Animating with PowerPoint

I really enjoy using ingenuity to create something that in a software that it was not intended for. Last week I tried something unique. I tried making an animation using only some basic software that I already had access to. I decided to use PowerPoint (as well as Google Slides which is very similar) and Windows Movie Maker. I know that I could have used an actual animation software, but I am very familiar with PowerPoint and Google Slides, and I have been using them longer than I can remember. So here’s how I made it: I used models from to get certain angles for ships, then i used the site’s screenshot feature to get a picture of it with no background. Then I created an image in PowerPoint, and moved the ship, duplicated the frame and repeated. Whenever I needed a different ship angle I would just paste in a new screenshot an put it where the last image was. After that I saved all slides as images, put it in windows movie maker and set each frame to like .03 seconds.

You can watch the video here

If you want to look at the animation frames, here it is in google drive

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