What I’ve Been Up To The Past While

Its been a pretty long time since my last post, so I thought I’d share an update on my current hobbies and such. In April I began working on creating a stop motion series of 2nd Samuel, converted to LEGO. I did Chapters 1-5 as part of a story arc about David on his path to kingship. Furthermore I did chapter 9 which follows a story mentions in chapter 4. I also finished a short film of my own writing, which I have uploaded today. Stop Motion has continued to be my main hobby for many years, and I expect it to continue that way for a while. Film making in general is exciting to me, as I enjoy the visual form of communication. Photo editing and colorization is also growing my interest. I have colorized a few photos, like this one:

I have done most of my photo editing on PicsArt, a mobile app due to its easy accessibility, but I plan on learning Adobe Photoshop soon.

You can watch my stop motion short film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3_UjIKOV5g&t=2s

And my 2nd Samuel Series is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCX1vqjIHdg&list=PLV8pISi587lXFbNYlHyVRcjJesPAjphcH

Animating with PowerPoint

I really enjoy using ingenuity to create something that in a software that it was not intended for. Last week I tried something unique. I tried making an animation using only some basic software that I already had access to. I decided to use PowerPoint (as well as Google Slides which is very similar) and Windows Movie Maker. I know that I could have used an actual animation software, but I am very familiar with PowerPoint and Google Slides, and I have been using them longer than I can remember. So here’s how I made it: I used models from mecabricks.com to get certain angles for ships, then i used the site’s screenshot feature to get a picture of it with no background. Then I created an image in PowerPoint, and moved the ship, duplicated the frame and repeated. Whenever I needed a different ship angle I would just paste in a new screenshot an put it where the last image was. After that I saved all slides as images, put it in windows movie maker and set each frame to like .03 seconds.

You can watch the video here

If you want to look at the animation frames, here it is in google drive

New Video: Infinity War Spoof

I just finished a new stop-motion that is pretty funny. It is a scene from Avengers Infinity War, with a reference to the first Avengers movie when Iron Man says “That man is playing Galaga!”. I think it is pretty funny.

Infinity Gauntlet Simulator

Last week, I made a game on scratch where you can simulate the Infinity Gauntlet: the powerful glove that Thanos wears in Avengers: Infinity War. I saw the movie recently and I absolutely loved it, so I decided to make this simple program. It allows you to articulate the fingers on the Infinity Gauntlet. You can also use 2 of the infinity stones, and snap, just like Thanos.

That’s all for now, enjoy! Here is the link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/220853018/


New Channel Name

I have recently changed my YouTube channel name from Matthew The Mason to Matthew The Maker. There are two reasons why. The first one is that Matthew The Maker makes more sense than Matthew The Mason.  Many people do not know what a mason is , so maker just fits better. (a mason is a bricklayer or someone who works with bricks). The second is that I want to expand my content. I enjoy making stop motion, but there are many other interesting projects I am working on. I am always working on some sort of project, to the point that if I go a week where I have not made something new and unique, I feel unaccomplished and I feel like I have failed for the week. I changed the name so that I can direct my content toward creating things in general. For example, this week I created a model of a sling ring from Doctor Strange. Last week, I made an Infinity Gauntlet Simulator from Avengers Infinity War on scratch.mit.edu. expanding my content will allow me to upload more often, and do more of what I love. Here is a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW8VPXk0c4YuHmlC8e34-dw

That’s all for now!


Why I am glad the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl

This one may be a bit controversial.

I’ve never really been invested in football, in fact, Sunday’s game was only the second game I had watched this season. I started watching when I saw that there was only a 1 point difference in the scores (32-33). The part of the game I saw was riveting, and I was definitely glad I watched it. I didn’t really know who to root for at first. I mean, I don’t live in Philadelphia or anywhere in the New England area. It wasn’t until I did a quick google search that I found out who to root for: The Philadelphia Eagles. My decision had nothing to do with their skills, their players, or their location. It all had to do with the national anthem. The fact of the matter is, that the idea of players taking a knee during the national anthem is garbage. It didn’t get their point across. It just made them appear ungrateful of our veterans and the great country we live in. My quick google search discovered that the Eagles had never taken a knee during the national anthem. Ever. However, the Patriots, (unpatriotically) had 17 incidents of players taking a knee. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully support the first amendment. But the first amendment gives me the right to disagree with their protest of showing dishonor to the flag and bringing politics into an expected time of fun and enjoyment. I am sure you may not want to read about politics here, and I would much rather spend time talking about other things, so I will try my best to keep from filling my website with political stuff.

Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/feb/1/no-philadelphia-eagles-players-knelt-anthem-2017/


Nerf Gun Paint Job

A while back I painted my Nerf Strongarm, so I decided to put it on here. It’s got an old west rustic feel to it with a leather brown handle and priming mechanism. The truth about painting Nerf guns is that it’s actually pretty easy, and all you need is paper, masking tape and spray paint. I started by taking the blaster part and putting the shell on paper. Then I sprayed it with some silver and added some black for shading.  After that dried, I masked off the handle and painted it leather brown, along with the priming mech which is a separate piece so I didn’t have to mask it. I really love the Strongarm so it was fun to give it a cowboy vibe.

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it!


New Shaun The Sheep Stop Motion!

I finished a new stop-motion video today called: LEGO Shaun The Sheep 7: Tractor Trouble. It is based on the British show Shaun The Sheep, and it is the 7th episode of my series. you can watch it here. The video is nearly 1,300 pictures!




A goofy political meme…

A few months ago I made a funny Lord of The Rings meme about CNN poisoning the minds of the American people. So here it is; enjoy!

-This is from the Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers in the scene where Grimma Wormtogue is poisoning the mind of King Theodon-