New Channel Name

I have recently changed my YouTube channel name from Matthew The Mason to Matthew The Maker. There are two reasons why. The first one is that Matthew The Maker makes more sense than Matthew The Mason.  Many people do not know what a mason is , so maker just fits better. (a mason is a bricklayer or someone who works with bricks). The second is that I want to expand my content. I enjoy making stop motion, but there are many other interesting projects I am working on. I am always working on some sort of project, to the point that if I go a week where I have not made something new and unique, I feel unaccomplished and I feel like I have failed for the week. I changed the name so that I can direct my content toward creating things in general. For example, this week I created a model of a sling ring from Doctor Strange. Last week, I made an Infinity Gauntlet Simulator from Avengers Infinity War on expanding my content will allow me to upload more often, and do more of what I love. Here is a link to my channel:

That’s all for now!